doom sayers united

by mammoth

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doom sayers united by mammoth


released January 16, 2017

you can't kill the king's cook and not expect some repercussions



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Track Name: with forged and gilded wings
the eagle has no heart
he traded with the king
for forged and gilded wing
talons that scream

and fear is the ultimate weapon
leave you with no decision
weeping alone
outside your burnt down home
Track Name: a new deal
king knows nothing
eagle strikes the deal
nothing ever
felt so real
blood on the talons
burning and bleeding

dark forest
kill for free
the eagle spreads his wings
and the darkness it brings

blood on the talons
the wizard left laughing
Track Name: king's cook dead
you can't expect to kill
the king's cook
and have no repercussions
can you
you can't

and how they all fled
at the first sight of blood
no love
no loyalty
no risk
no rage
no love
no loyalty
Track Name: bone wall/burn well
cold shoulder
the village iced over
all the dead
left to bury

bone wall
burn well
to hell
with all the words
all the talk
all the prophets
and their words
Track Name: now united
hunger brings what hunger brings
and the wizards words
don't mean a thing

want to believe
knife in the sleeve
ready to go
knowledge we know

doom sayers united
now more so than ever
Track Name: king wants blood
keep it creepy
keep it haunted
all the dead
the bodies unwanted

how did the ditches
get so full
how did the fires
get so fueled

the wizard may be watching
but its from the wings
sight unseen
no help
if the magic's not clean
Track Name: for why, for what
if the eagle killed the cook
then who killed the queen

words and just what they mean

the trickle down
to the down trodden
how hidden
was the real meaning
its seeming
its seeming like
the dead got dead
and got rotted
for what
for who
for why
for what